Why you need a Membership System

Cost Saving

Reaching for a new client is 25 times more costly than maintaining old clients who will repeat purchase

Remarkable Effect

5% increase in customer loyalty can bring 25-95% more sales to your company

Raising Revenue

Loyal customers purchase more and can bring 12-18% revenue

Easier Referrals

Loyal customers are more willing to provide referrals

Better Reputation

Satisfied loyal customer are more likely to recommend your product to friends and family

What is the difficulties about running a Membership System


Member always forget to bring their card

In this digital era physical membership card is outdated and they are always the first thing to throw away when they find their purse too bulky


Cost too high

The cost of building a membership system from scratch is very high


Difficult to monitor and evaluate

Tradition communication channel is difficult to monitor and evaluate


Customer don't know the details

Company need to be proactively communicate with the customer


Tedious administrative work

Managing a membership system can be very tedious and consume lot of time and manpower


Difficult to keep up with the pace of technology

Survey indicated that 40% of the company with membership system found difficult in keeping up the pace of the technology advances

Information, e Shopping, Coupon, Member's Special Offers

Basic Features



Member’s Account 


 Membership Card

 Shop Information


 Push Notification

Interactive Information

Membership Card will always with your customer

Membership Card

Collect Points

QR Code

Great Deals

Detailed Transaction Logs

Coupon System

Customers can easily find your great deals and coupons and the coupons can be redeemed using points, credit cards, free offer, or any combinations of the above options.



Product Information 

Photos and Videos 

Instant Checkout 


 Product Category

 Hot Items

 PayPal & Credit Card

Efficient, Customized, Dedicated Mobile App, Cloud Management, Good Value for Price

Product Features


Dedicated Mobile App

A dedicated mobile application can be downloaded in Apple App Store & Google Play for every DayDayCard subscribers which is a huge boost for your company’s corporate image


Excellent User Experience

Since DayDayCard developed in Native Language environment, without the limitation from any third party development environment or interpreters, the performance of DayDayCard will at the OS’s full power.



Every DayDayCard subscriber will get a unique mobile app. The app can be highly customized including but not limited to app icon, color scheme, landing page and button design.


Cloud Management

DayDayCard administrative panel can be easily access using browser in desktop PC, tablet or even mobile. Manager can easily manage your loyalty program on the go.


Flexible Subscription

Flexible 3-months subscription help you kick start your technology advanced loyalty program



The ultimate loyalty program solution

A total package include all you need

DayDayCard system include a dedicated mobile app, cloud based administration panel with server hosting and free update within the subscription period.

Improve corporate image

Capture more value from your loyal customers

Flexible 3-month-subscription plan include all you need